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Companies face important business decisions every day. One of the most important is whether to bring a lawsuit to enforce a contract or protect an important business asset. Litigation costs money, and a company’s reputation is at stake whenever it gets involved in litigation, even if it wears... Read more.

Employees are generally considered to be employed “at will,” meaning the employer can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason or no reason - just not an illegal reason. State and federal law, however, in addition to law created by judges, can permit an employee to claim... Read more.

Many companies derive their value from confidential information they have developed over years of hard work, such as customer lists, formulas, pricing information and other types of information. This information may be considered a trade secret under Connecticut law. Companies protect this... Read more.

Many companies headquartered outside of Connecticut have long-standing relationships with law firms in their home states. Those companies often prefer that their usual counsel represent them in Connecticut litigation. Under Connecticut's federal and state court system, however, attorneys not... Read more.

How would you feel to be able to call a trusted, experienced attorney to obtain legal advice on an issue affecting your business and NOT HAVE TO PAY BY THE HOUR, allowing you to budget your legal spend along with your other fixed and variable expenses?

Minchella Law offers small to medum-... Read more.