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Do Your Purchase and Sales Contracts Work for You?

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  1. Do you have terms and conditions in your purchase orders which protect your company?
  2. Do your purchase orders, acknowledgments or contracts contain provisions for recovery of attorneys fees or costs if you need to bring legal action?
  3. Do you have liquidated damages clauses in your purchase orders, acknowledgments or contracts?
  4. Do you have terms that specify your contract language is not altered by the terms and conditions contained in the other parties’ purchase orders, acknowledgments or contracts, such as an order acknowledgement sent in response to a purchase order?
  5. Do you have terms and conditions concerning arbitration or some alternative to a lawsuit?
  6. Do you have a term concerning the best court location or most favorable law for your business to sue or be sued under the agreement?

If you sell or purchase goods, and answered no to any of these questions, you will gain substantial value by reviewing and revising your forms to address these issues. Adding certain terms and conditions can protect your contract rights, putting your business in a stronger bargaining position when disputes arise. Call or email us now for a free review of your purchase orders, acknowledgments or contracts.