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Does your company have a sexual harassment policy in your employee handbook? Are your company’s employees trained to identify, avoid and prevent sexual harassment and other types of harassment? Does your company have policies concerning vacation, paid time off, and discipline? Does your company... Read more.
Does your company have an employee handbook that contains a policy concerning confidentiality of information to which employees have access? Does your company have key employees with access to your company’s confidential information sign confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreements or non-... Read more.

I. The Myth: Non-Competition Agreements and Non-Solicitation Agreements Are Worthless

II. Enforcing Covenants Through Forfeiture Clauses

III. Covenants Not to Compete in Business Transactions


I. The Myth: Non-Competition Agreements and Non-Solicitation Agreements... Read more.

Don’t take action or investigate employee complaints promptly. When an Employee makes a complaint about another employee, make sure you investigate it promptly and document the investigation and the steps you took at the conclusion of your investigation. Don’t read your company’s agreements. If you... Read more.