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Can I Use a Competitor's Trademark in My Google Ad?

Posted January 19, 2019

Google Ads is a powerful way to drive business to your company's website, no doubt.  By bidding on keywords and crafting relevant ad content, your business can improve its advertisement's chance of showing up at the top of a google search, and above the organic search results.  And Google's Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool can take your ad a step further.  DKI will allow Google to insert a keyword from your ad campaign directly into the headline of the ad. Cool huh?  If the searcher's query matches one of your keywords, bam, that keyword will headline the ad.

Middletown Law Firm Lawsuit Raises Interesting Questions

Posted September 13, 2017

It’s not too often I get to blog about one of my favorite topics, limited liability litigation, in connection with a case involving a law firm.  Typically, law partners want to keep their partnership disputes out of court, at least in Connecticut.  But one case filed back in April involving a local law firm has heated up, and another was recently filed between the same parties.

Paging Doctor Smith! You Are Free to Practice Around the State!

Posted May 8, 2016

Listen up doctors! Physicians and physician practices who are currently negotiating employment agreements, partnership agreements or otherwise joining a practice need to be aware of a recent law passed by Connecticut's General Assembly.  The law - which everyone expects Governor Molloy to sign - limits non-compete agreements for physicians to 15 miles in geographic scope and 1 year in duration.

Surprise! Part of Your Non-Solicitation Agreement Is Unenforceable

Posted January 24, 2016

You want a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement your company can enforce, right?  Stupid question, you say.  Well, companies need to analyze the language in their contracts if that's their goal (some agreements I've seen make me doubt what the company's goal was, as if simply having something signed protected them.)

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