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Does My Home Improvement Contract Have to Perfectly Comply With the Law?

YES! Well, Almost Yes. You’re safer if you think yes, your contract must strictly comply with certain parts of Connecticut’s Home Improvement Act.  You’re probably …

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Does a Contractor Have to Finish a Project During a Pandemic?

Do I have to meet my contract’s completion date with what’s going on? I am going to resist the urge to give the typical lawyer …

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Do Homemaker Companion Agency Contracts Have to Be in Writing – YES!

Wow. Just when you think our courts are becoming more business friendly, the Connecticut Supreme Court issues a decision on whether businesses can enforce oral …

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What Happens If I Don’t Use a Home Improvement Contract?

Connecticut Contractors beware, that cartoon was reality for one of your peers, and cost him a ton of money.  A recent Connecticut Supreme Court decision …

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Saving Money Down the Road By Appealing the Unemployment Decision: Part Four of Our Series

THE NEXT STEP – APPEAL We talked last time about the hearing that takes place to determine if an employee should receive unemployment benefits. You …

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Connecticut Expands Home Improvement Act to Include Restoration and Remediation Contractors

Connecticut’s general assembly found time to add to the list of the types of contractors that must comply with the Home Improvement Act.  As of …

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And the Home Improvement Contractor Wins!!

Home improvement contractors can get a bad rap. And just like lawyers, its mostly undeserved. Contractors are regulated by the state Department of Consumer Protection and governed …

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