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Can a Subcontractor Use Deposit Money to Fund Other Projects?

Sure, a subcontractor can use deposit money for other projects. But if the subcontractor on a construction project defaults on the subcontract and the general ...
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When Can an LLC Member Claim Oppression to Dissolve a Connecticut LLC?

The answer to when an LLC member suffers oppression just came on September 29, 2020, in the Connecticut Appellate Court’s decision in Manere v. Collins ...
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This Jury Verdict Should Concern Small Business Attorneys

A jury tagged Alston & Bird yesterday with a legal malpractice verdict arising out of allegations that one of its partners failed to properly advise and protect ...
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Middletown Law Firm Lawsuit Raises Interesting Questions

It’s not too often I get to blog about one of my favorite topics, limited liability litigation, in connection with a case involving a law ...
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Can I Sue My Partner for a Violation of CUTPA? (I Know, You’d Rather Hit Him)

Yes, of course you can, if he or she is doing some very bad things.  You see, partners get into disputes all the time. Disagreements ...
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Expelling a Member From Your Limited Liability Company

We’ve talked before about the new LLC Act in Connecticut (which goes into effect in July 2017) here and here.  The new Act will have a provision allowing ...
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Divorce Lawyers Pay Attention! Assignment of LLC Interests In Asset Division

The Connecticut Supreme Court just held that a spouse who receives by assignment the other spouse’s interests in an LLC, may not get much after ...
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Change is Good: Applause for the (Almost) New Connecticut LLC Act Part One

Connecticut is closer to adopting the Uniform Limited Liability Act, and that’s good news.  You can follow the bill (HD 5259) here.  Connecticut’s current LLC act has ...
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Member of an LLC and Being Treated Poorly? New LLC Law May Have a Solution For You: Part Two

Whenever someone is referred to us because they are in a dispute with a member of their LLC or another shareholder of a corporation, the ...
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