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Buyers Beware! Read the Fine Print in Your Distributor’s Forms

Words in contracts almost always mean something, especially in distributorship agreements, invoices and purchase orders. The thing is, you never really find out what they ...
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Get Out the Magnifying Glass to Read the Fine Print

Read the fine print.  Everyone has heard that saying. I know it takes time, and who has time these days? Liquidated damages provisions are some ...
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Change Your Forms, Change Your Life.

A finale to my prior two blog posts on the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in RBC Nice Bearings, Inc. v. SKF USA, Inc.  You can ...
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More on Ball Bearings and Waiver Under the UCC

Back to the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in RBC Nice Bearings, Inc. v. SKF USA, Inc., a fun UCC read for any law junky.  You can read ...
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Can You Say Waiver? The UCC, ball bearings and other fun stuff.

I always get a kick when, after reading a case, you get a laugh out of its name. That’s one of many takeaways from the ...
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Should I Cash That Check?

Small businesses often call us and ask if they should cash a check they received from a purchaser or customer that still owes them money.  Somewhere at ...
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