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Can a Patient Sue My Doctor’s Practice for Disclosing Medical Records?

Heck yes. In Connecticut a patient can sue your doctor’s office for disclosing medical records. Connecticut healthcare providers might have to pay a lot in ...
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Can A Business File a SLAPP Special Motion to Dismiss?

Yes, of course.  So many states, last count 30 states have statutes that protect certain constitutional rights, of persons, and of businesses.  A SLAPP (Strategic ...
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Can COVID-19 Impact a Court’s Decision on Employee Non-Competition Agreements

Yes, because it can affect a court’s analysis as to the balance of equities between protecting an employer’s legitimate business interests and a former employee’s ...
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Does My Home Improvement Contract Have to Perfectly Comply With the Law?

YES! Well, Almost Yes. You’re safer if you think yes, your contract must strictly comply with certain parts of Connecticut’s Home Improvement Act.  You’re probably ...
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When Can an LLC Member Claim Oppression to Dissolve a Connecticut LLC?

The answer to when an LLC member suffers oppression just came on September 29, 2020, in the Connecticut Appellate Court’s decision in Manere v. Collins ...
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Has COVID-19 Changed Connecticut Workers Compensation Laws?

Connecticut’s Governor broadened workers compensation protection for employees due to COVID-19. Most of the impact will be felt by your insurance company more than your ...
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Does a Contractor Have to Finish a Project During a Pandemic?

Do I have to meet my contract’s completion date with what’s going on? I am going to resist the urge to give the typical lawyer ...
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What’s a Trade Secret If I Don’t Keep it Secret?

Nothing. Seriously, though, even large companies, like Ford Motor Company, seem to forget this. And it will probably end up costing it a lot of ...
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Santa Claus is From Ohio: Merry Christmas Everyone!

I was wondering whether Santa Claus has ever really been in court charged with a crime.  Sort of like “Miracle on 34th Street.” Alas, he ...
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Do Trump’s Confidentiality Agreements Trump the First Amendment?

Yes, I cannot resist. Trump is all over the news so why not our blog? A thought crossed my mind. Presumably most, if not all, ...
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