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Can COVID Get Me Out of My Non-Compete?

It’s Quite Possible COVID-19 Will Impact the Enforceability of a Non-Compete. The law surrounding non-competition agreements (non-competes, non-solicits, also called restrictive covenants) is well established …

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Does a Contractor Have to Finish a Project During a Pandemic?

Do I have to meet my contract’s completion date with what’s going on? I am going to resist the urge to give the typical lawyer …

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False Advertising Claims, Back in the Day and Today

I think everyone has used the phrase now and then, “hey, that’s false advertising.”  Probably when you’ve gone to a store after seeing an advertisement …

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What is a Bill of Discovery in Connecticut Courts? (Find Out Where the Secrets Are)

Connecticut commercial litigators sometimes overlook an archaic civil procedure tool which can be used very successfully to obtain discovery of information before a company commits …

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Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Supreme Court Hearing

On Tuesday the Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments from the lawyers for some of the families suing Remington Arms over the marketing and sale of …

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Lawyers, Guns and CUTPA, Get Me Outta of This

This is my second blog concerning Sandy Hook.  If you want to, read my first one here.  This is the only blogging I’ve done when, as …

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Owner of Small Businesses Now Personally Liable Under CUTPA

On the same day that the Connecticut Supreme Court announced an important unfair trade practice decision, read my comments about that decision here in the Connecticut Law …

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Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection Now Accepts Unfair Trade Practice Claims Electronically

Under Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practice statute, CUTPA as its commonly known, parties are required to provide the Attorney General’s office with a copy of any …

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Tony Minchella’s Unfair Trade Practice Experience Leads Law Tribune to Seek His Opinion

An October 2012 article in the “Connecticut Law Tribune” titled, “Man’s Death In Romania Prompts Federal Lawsuit,” highlighted Tony Minchella’s deep experience litigating unfair trade …

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