Contractors are often sued by their customers when the customers feel they have not received the service or product they agreed to purchase. These lawsuits involve the law, but more often involve sensitive, reputational risks for our clients and balancing customer happiness with the fact that our clients may have done nothing wrong. We know how to balance these competing interests in litigating matters at all levels – small claims, trial court and arbitration.

We have been representing the nation’s largest home improvement contractor in New England for 18 years, and have gained invaluable experience over the years that benefit our local contractor clients. We believe contractors and remodelers are good people who serve their customers by creating an experience through the remodeling and home improvement work they perform. The legal aspect of contracting, whether it be the terms in your home improvement agreement or change order form, can help you do that. By listening and learning about how YOU do business, we are able to provide tips and advice to improve your customers’ experience and increase your bottom line and happiness. But if things go wrong, and they often do, we are there to defend you in court or before a regulatory agency.