Manufacturers and Other Small Businesses

We love representing small businesses, especially manufacturers and service providers. After all, small businesses are the lifeblood of our great country. We get to deal with areas of the law we love, and also learn about their business, their products and services, and what is important to them as a manufacturer and small business.

These clients typically retain us when contracts go bad, employees leave to competitors, or a competing business is engaging in unfair or deceptive conduct which harms their business. We get to draw on our experience in contract law, Uniform Commercial Code, and unfair trade practice law to help them navigate the risk and get them the result they seek.

We also serve these clients by representing them in administrative or regulatory investigations, purchase and sale transactions, and providing day-to-day advice on corporate or entity governance.

We also serve as outside general counsel to small businesses. We are on call to answer questions and provide advice and guidance through the gauntlet of laws and regulations that govern their business. We provide advice on hiring and firing, draft policies and procedures, interface with regulatory agencies, review and draft contracts, evaluate payroll practices and assist them with many other areas on a day to day basis, and ultimately allows us to help keep them out of trouble, reduce risk and save on attorneys fees.