Physicians and Lawyers


Perhaps our greatest pride is when a colleague or a physician retains us. Representing other professionals in employment disputes, shareholder disputes, severance negotiations, or contract claims is very satisfying. Often these individual clients have relationships with their now “adversaries” that are more personal, and thus emotion is not lacking when litigating or trying to resolve the dispute. Our skills in acknowledging these intangibles helps our clients tremendously whether the dispute is settled or taken through trial.

Lawyers and physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and dentists, all experience the same legal issues as other business owners. We often assist with contract issues, partnership disputes, or provide advice and guidance to professionals who are creating a partnership or joint venture with another professional or business. We believe in helping these professionals protect their businesses from the legal perspective, because that permits them to focus on practicing their profession and craft, which ultimately helps their patients and clients.

As a fellow attorney, I can wholeheartedly recommend Anthony to other business owners or professionals... Anthony handled the case with compassion and with strength. One of the best.