Your Relationship With Us

Building Our Relationship

Building Our Relationship

We promise your relationship with us will be unique. First, we welcome any discussion about our fees and the cost of litigating a certain matter. We want you to know that when your matter is concluded, you have received great value for your investment in us. With that in mind, we often offer a value-based service that includes a price for our services for a particular matter. We will meet with you, determine your goals and values in connection with the specific reason you have contacted us, and develop a legal strategy to achieve those goals, and a corresponding price. We want you to be pleased with us, come back to us, and recommend us to your colleagues.

We recognize that many businesses have different goals. Some are more concerned about reputational risks in litigation, others are more concerned about financial risks, others want to win at any cost. All are concerned about fees. We want to have our finger on your pulse, so that the choices we make and the strategy we propose have the best chance of getting you where you want to be.

You will benefit from our size and efficiency. Technology allows us to compete with much larger firms and provide legal service that will keep you informed of your matter, answer questions promptly, and pursue the litigation strategy that is best suited to your goals and objectives.

Our family has been manufacturing and selling trucks in Connecticut since 1947 based on quality service and reputation. Tony has been our attorney since 2000 for the same reasons.