How We Run Our Firm

We Run Our Firm to Serve You

We Run Our Firm to Serve You

When you retain an attorney, you retain someone who is part of a service profession.

Your engagement will be staffed to position you to achieve your goals. Our attorneys and staff work with cutting-edge technology, the key to managing a litigation practice, including Amicus Attorney™, CaseMap™, TimeMap™ and TextMap™. We maintain file documents electronically, reducing the effort to answer your questions, reducing your cost, and increasing our efficiency. When our cases go to trial, we use Litigation Pad™, Document Review Pad™ and Text Pad™, to present your story to the judge or jury smoothly.

We believe we provide exemplary value for our services, and we suggest immediately a discussion about our fees and what your specific engagement will cost. We do not shy away from that discussion and will revisit it whenever you wish. You should know what a specific matter will cost you, and we do our best to predict that cost by considering all relevant factors.

Our attorneys meet weekly to discuss all active cases, strategies and next steps. Our attorneys meet with their staff daily to manage the day’s work and view the coming week. This results in efficient, cost-effective representation.

Some of Our Clients:

We retained Tony and his firm to handle complex litigation with a competitor in Connecticut. His extraordinary efforts and skilled handling of the case enabled us to receive desirable results and we certainly would engage Tony again. We recommend him to others in need of a highly competent, qualified and diligent attorney.