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Does My Home Improvement Contract Have to Perfectly Comply With the Law?

YES! Well, Almost Yes. You’re safer if you think yes, your contract must strictly comply with certain parts of Connecticut’s Home Improvement Act.  You’re probably …

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Can I Force Someone to Sell Me Their House?

Yes, you can. You can even force someone to buy your house if you prove certain things, just like any other lawsuit. Unlike other lawsuits …

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Does a Contractor Have to Finish a Project During a Pandemic?

Do I have to meet my contract’s completion date with what’s going on? I am going to resist the urge to give the typical lawyer …

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Do I Need an Attorney to Respond to a Cease and Desist Letter?

You may not have to hire an attorney to respond to a cease and desist letter you’ve received from a former employer. But it may …

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SCOTUS’ Bristol Meyers Decision Applies to Personal Jurisdiction in Connecticut State Court

In 2017 in Bristol Meyers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California, the United States Supreme Court narrowed the concept of personal jurisdiction. Bristol Meyers …

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When Can a Business Sue Another Business Over an Employee’s Non-Compete Agreement?

Why do companies have some employees sign noncompetition agreements and nonsolicitation agreements? Well, it’s simple. So they can protect their business, its goodwill, income, the …

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Contractual Choice of Law Doesn’t Mean Connecticut Law Always Applies

All lawyers should include basic provisions in contracts for their clients. One basic provision designates or chooses the state’s law that applies. If your client …

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Lottery-Sharing Contracts and What To Do with the Millions

The powerball jackpot is all the buzz.  Besides thinking – just a little – about what I’d do with the money, I am also thinking about contracts …

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More on Ball Bearings and Waiver Under the UCC

Back to the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in RBC Nice Bearings, Inc. v. SKF USA, Inc., a fun UCC read for any law junky.  You can read …

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