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When is an Independent Contractor Really Independent? It’s as Easy as ABC – Kinda, sorta

So many businesses rely on independent contractors to provide services to their customers. Home improvement contractors quickly come to mind. Businesses realize many benefits from …

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Saving Money Down the Road By Appealing the Unemployment Decision: Part Four of Our Series

THE NEXT STEP – APPEAL We talked last time about the hearing that takes place to determine if an employee should receive unemployment benefits. You …

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You Have a Hearing. Now What? Part Three of Unemployment Basics

UNEMPLOYMENT HEARINGS We’ve been writing lately about the unemployment benefit process in Connecticut.  You can catch up on prior posts here and here.  The process is pretty informal, …

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I Fired an Employee. Should I Fight Unemployment? Part Two of Unemployment Basics

Continuing our series to help employers understand the unemployment process, (catch up by reading this post) we now talk about circumstances when employees should not receive …

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Employer Basics for Unemployment Compensation in Connecticut – Part One

BASICS OF UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION: Part One We often find that businesses we represent could benefit from a basic understanding of Connecticut’s unemployment compensation system. Understanding …

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